Professional Coaching & Consultation


Professional Coaching & Consultation

Are you a rising star? Are you seeking a transformational shift to meet a new chapter in your life? New levels for your well-being, career & relationships are on the horizon & you are ready to embrace this time in your life as the best version of yourself. We are in a constant state of becoming & I am so excited to partner with you in this venture. 

This part of your journey will be enhanced by your collaboration with a Master’s level professional. I offer coaching & consultation for those who want to live well & are ready for greater success in their career & relationships. Living well is an art & the better we become at this, our potential to create abundance & experience joy becomes limitless. My clients are enlightened, independently minded & boldly inspired leaders who are in the process of awakening & becoming the masters of their own lives & communities.  

How are Coaching & Consultation different from Therapy?

Therapy is primarily focused on bringing people from suffering to baseline or normative functioning. Therapy deals more with behavioral & emotional issues, disruptive situations & works to bring clients healing as they move out of dysfunction toward improved adaptive functioning. Anyone can benefit from therapy. 

Coaching is focused on elevating clients from baseline to thriving. Coaching supports well-functioning individuals to create bold visions, achieve higher goals & get closer to a reality-based standard of excellence in all areas of their lives. The primary goal of coaching is to shine and flourish as a clear vision is mapped to lead you to your next level. An action, accountability & sustainability plan will take you to new heights as we partner together to manifest your vision.

Coaching does not treat mental health disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. Coaching is not a substitute for therapeutic counseling, psychotherapy or mental health treatment.

Consultation is a professionally-focused service I offer for business executives & leaders, licensed or pre-licensed psychotherapists & mental health, wellness, legal & law enforcement workers, healthcare workers, community leaders & public servants. This service is offered to guide you through your professional development & navigate specific occupational, social or interpersonal challenges or situations. Consultation is a solution-focused engagement and a single meeting can facilitate more insight, inspiration, clarity and direction for your presenting challenge. 

*Note: For licensed or pre-licensed therapists-- Coaching & consultation is NOT a substitute for clinical supervision. 

Coaching & Consultation Fee per 50 minute meeting: $250. 

All services are confidential & your privacy is strictly maintained. 

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