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Insight, Empowerment, Recovery, Growth, Well-Being, and Healthy Relationships: These are the gifts you can embrace through the process of therapy. You truly deserve these gifts and I commend you for seeking support and guidance. Although the past can’t be changed, we can explore how past wounds or trauma impact your thoughts, perceptions, mood, behaviors, relationships, and ability to move forward today. Together we can develop effective and adaptive ways to resolve your present challenges. Therapy can help you re-direct your life’s trajectory to a path that is more successful, meaningful, and fulfilling.

Improved Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Health, Communication and Conflict-Resolution Skills, Relationship Functioning. Anyone can benefit from counseling. You don’t have to have a traumatic past or present crisis to obtain insight and skills to improve your mood, functioning, and relationships. You will notice that when you value yourself enough to invest in counseling, other aspects of your life (health, career, and relationships) may improve accordingly. Our “emotional fitness” is just as important as our physical fitness—in fact, they are both very closely related. Counseling can foster better self-awareness and inspire motivation to change what isn't working in your life. Together we can explore the goals you want to achieve and establish positive self-care, coping, communication, and relational skills to facilitate your vision.

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A Strong Therapeutic Alliance is a Key Component of Successful Outcomes . Your right to feel safe, validated, supported and heard without judgment is my highest priority as we work collaboratively toward your goals. I utilize evidence-based approaches, integrate interventions that are relevant to your own unique presenting issues and encourage your active engagement and voice in therapy--it's not about me telling you what you should do, it's about me helping you discover and enhance the innate potential we all possess. It is my privilege to be your guide as you embark on your journey toward greater life satisfaction.

Please call (916) 316-3198 for a free 15-minute phone consultation. I provide counseling and therapy for individuals, couples & families.

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