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jen  I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and hold a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from California State University, Sacramento. Before I entered private practice, I worked for nearly half a decade as a staff clinician at Sierra Mental Wellness Group (formerly Sierra Family Services) in Roseville where I treated a diverse clientele (individuals, couples, families, and groups) with a broad range of presenting issues. During my graduate study, I provided therapy at CSUS Psychological Services Center. Since 2006, I have provided counseling and psychotherapy to self-referred clients from Roseville and nearby areas and clients referred by Placer County Health and Human Services. I have also worked extensively with clients referred by Placer & Sacramento County Superior Courts and served as collateral member of teams involving social workers, probation/parole officers, mediators, educators, behavioral support workers, and healthcare providers. In addition to providing individual, couples, and family therapy, I am very skilled at facilitating group therapy and have facilitated Parenting, Dual Diagnosis, Domestic Violence and Drug Treatment groups. I can provide psychoeducation and tools from these contexts in my treatment of individuals, couples, and families whenever it can be helpful.  I am very passionate about my work and what it allows me to do: connect with others and facilitate insight, growth, recovery, and healthier relationships. As a therapist for all my clients, I offer a presence of warmth and unconditional positive regard. My clients appreciate me as a safe, non-judgmental person who offers feedback in a gentle but direct manner. For clients in couples and family therapy, my ability to respect multiple perspectives, foster healthy rapport with each participating member of a treatment unit, and maintain a neutral, unbiased position is consistently acknowledged. I am exceptionally skilled at working with independently minded individuals in leadership, couples, families and trauma, addiction/co-dependency issues. As an Asian-American female, I have strong appreciation for ethnic and cultural factors that influence personal identity and values and have achieved a high level of competency when it comes to relating and working with members from any minority group. Aside from being a therapist, I am a wise and joyful woman, proud mother of a wonderful young adult son and an energetic dog owner. I cherish times spent with family and friends--while not always feasible due to different lives, work schedules, geographic locations, I always celebrate precious moments spent eating, laughing, and bonding together. I am an avid reader and a strong advocate for health and wellness. I enjoy writing, yoga, laughter, dance and meditation to balance my mind, body and spirit

Education: Master's degree in Psychology (Counseling Psychology) from California State University, Sacramento; Bachelor's degree in Psychology from California State University, Sacramento (Honors: summa cum laude); License:  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #49993), California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

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